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0021868AI War 2SuggestionOct 22, 2019 6:55 pm
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Product Version1.001 Official Game Launch! 
Summary0021868: Dyson Victory Condition -- Hacking Antagonizer like a Superterminal
DescriptionDyson can't really win directly--this proposal tries to utilize existing elements to make a true Dyson victory possible

1) If a Dyson Antagonizer is on the map, you can hack it similarly as you would a superterminal--hack continues indefinitely, costing hacking points over time (and larger hacking response over time)
2) as long as you maintain the hack, the antagonized Dyson will target AI HWs exclusively
3) Dyson are not hostile to player as long as hack continues, but will resume normal behavior if hack ends. So if the antagonizer isn't killed, the Dyson will be hostile to the players. If the players kill the antagonizer (during or after the hack), Dyson resume normal allegiance

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