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0025337AI War 2SuggestionJun 24, 2021 7:17 pm
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Summary0025337: Suggestion to Bring Back Some QOL Stuff From Classic
DescriptionI'll try to keep this as short as possible: Classic has a bunch of extra QOL features that I miss in AIW2, and while they don't seem like too much are added from them, I believe that lots of people will get some use out of them.

* Box selecting shows in the bottom right of the box the approximate unit strength (In classic that's mainly just the quantity of ships and shows in colored numbers the factions who have ships in the area). In 2, I imagine we could have it show actual unit strength counts of each faction within the box (just by color coding the numbers with the S strength sign).

* You can hold Z + A to show your units' ranges at your cursor (effectively showing their range if they moved there). Obviously, the keybinding would need to be different in AIW2, but this is a very useful tool that I miss having.

* Circle move order. In Classic, this is done by the Alt + Right Click Menu and then pushing 2 (this menu doesn't exist at all in AIW2 so not sure how to go about this). Very useful in either encircling around a wormhole for defense, or positioning short range units around your fragile long range units, which brings me to my next point:

* Formation Move. In Classic, this is done by the J hotkey, and forces units to keep their relative positions to one another when given a new movement order. So you can use the above circle order and group move along with this in order to make an escort ring of sorts.

* Line Placement. In Classic, this is done via the Alt + Right Click Menu again, but it allows you to easily construct structures in straight lines (mainly useful for mines, but also sometimes handy for other defensive and supportive structures)

* Looping Movement Orders. These are done with Rallies in Classic, which aren't really useful in AIW2 considering how fleet construction works, but being able to give a patrol order would be neat. I used to set up a garrison and patrol fleet in multiplayer by looping rally orders around planets and using the garrison planet-specific control to keep a specific number of defenders around and have the rest patrol the allied planets.

* Some way to set up a planet-specific alert system to warn you if a specific planet reaches a specified threshold of enemy unit strength (so basically an early warning system for when you have a threatball nearby). In classic, this is done in the ctrls menu under planet specific

* Ship Reference Menu, to show you what ships yours are good or bad against. Already made a separate post about this one earlier: 0023381

* The stats menu all together. Certain parts of this are already in place (i.e: you can see metal flows in the metal tab, and even badger's makeshift kill counter in the metal tab), but seeing full statistics like in classic where you can see everything in one place would be nice.

* Lastly, not sure if this should belong here, but: The ability to add or remove player slots mid-game. The "View/Edit Factions" button is already there, and allows you to change who is controlling what faction, along with names and colors...but won't allow you to add or remove a playable faction (for multiplayer purposes). Idk if there's a technological reasoning why this isn't already a thing, but if possible it would be real nice to see a return of this feature.

Ty for hanging through to the end. I will upload pictures below of a few things that I'm talking about to refresh your memory (I know most people never knew about the alt + right click menu in general, much less that pushing 2 gives you circle move).
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Jun 24, 2021 7:17 pm


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