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0026789AI War 2GUIApr 2, 2022 3:06 pm
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Product Version4.008 Exogalactic Wayfinding 
Summary0026789: Splintered spire needs more explaining in game
DescriptionAs things stand, I'm still not entirely clear how many of the splintered spire actually work in specifics.

What seems to be the case from discussions on discord is that they get MASSIVE permanent strength boosts from "winning" competitions over dark spire debris.

The trouble is, information available in game is very sparse. The description of the spheres, the journal and the tooltips about the dark spire debris all neglect to mention what the implications of a sphere "winning" is. With how impactful it can be (a chromatic sphere winning several debris at once has crippled one of my saves by locking me out of two critical worlds I was using) I think it's important that they are explained somewhere.

Certainly the journal and dark spire debris tooltips should mention how they boost the spheres. How big are the boosts? Does this change with difficulty? Does killing the debris stop this happening?

Also, I feel the journal explaining that your battlestations can get permanent defensive structures added to them by going to the debris worlds should be worded a little better to make it more obvious. That is not the meaning I got when I first read it. That info would probably also be useful in the descriptions of the debris itself.

Once you have hacked a sphere or it has won competitions, you can't see anywhere how much its boosted in total. The only number you get is the percentage of its strength its currently supporting. I don't feel as strongly on this as I do the other issues but I don't see the harm in a production and strength boost % in the spheres description. Dark spire vengeance generators give similar info.
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