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0027465AI War 2GUIJun 13, 2022 12:43 pm
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Product Version5.017 More Ways To Win 
Summary0027465: UI Issues - Tips - Expert
DescriptionThe Limited Battlestations tip you get when starting an expert game is currently a bit unclear because it does not mention citadels at all. Paragraph 2 states that hacking for all on a TSS (and, by implication, ODSS) will only grant the hacked line to command stations. But it actually does also grant it to citadels. However, given the similarity of Citadels to Battlestations, and the fact that citadels are not mentioned, and the fact that citadels don't display the turrets they will have as part of their fleet before they are claimed, it seems to me that it would be reasonable for players to assume that this included citadels, and conclude they were not worth the AIP (I know I did).
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