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0028575Heart Of The MachineSuggestionJun 1, 2024 11:59 am
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Product Version0.511 The Monday Crew 
Summary0028575: Different colored outline of subnets on overmap
DescriptionSubnets are really cool. We know they're gated by roads, but roads sort of b lend into the background and in certain particular cases it's not actually easy to see what area a particular node encompasses.

But we DO know the subnets are defined by roads. My thinking is that whenever a new subnet is formed, that should be assigned a color, and on the overmap that subnet should be outlined in that color. (I think it would be really cool if it was like an electric-versions of that color, so like a deep aqua blue with little dots of light moving through it for one... and coolstuff with the others.)

Anyway I totally get this is just 'cool stuff' and shouldn't be a priority, though I do think it would help players visualize subnets better, which is occasionally an issue. (My screenshots attempt to show the issue but I don't think they're the best examples, just what I had available to me.) A subtle and visually appealing border could go a long way to making subnets an 'at-a-glance' bit of info instead of something the player has to parse every time they go build. Bonus: the subnet illumination on the map can correspond to a color on the subnet menu, which would then make it very easy for the player to use that menu! (Right now that menu is useless if you don't memorize what each numbered subnet represents, or are willing to manually go through them all every time.)
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May 31, 2024 5:01 pm


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