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0028700Heart Of The MachineGUIJun 8, 2024 7:05 am
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Product Version0.542 Clarity And Tuning 
Summary0028700: Preview damage when unit out of AP
DescriptionWhen a unit is out of AP you don't get the damage-preview popup they normally get when they can attack. In order to better evaluate whether it is worthwhile to spend mental energy to recharge a unit, having a hover preview of the damage they *would* do if they *did* have AP would be useful information.
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duplicate of 0028289 confirmedChris_McElligottPark Show combat predictions even with 0 AP remaining 



Jun 7, 2024 11:13 pm


no_AP_dmg_preview.PNG (8,548,004 bytes)
AP_dmg_preview.PNG (8,595,742 bytes)

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