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0028702Heart Of The MachineGameplay IdeaJun 8, 2024 11:52 am
ReporterLeximancer Assigned ToChris_McElligottPark  
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Product Version0.542 Clarity And Tuning 
Summary0028702: QoL feature: Default stance as part of loadout
DescriptionActual: All new units start with no stance.

Suggested: Would like to be able to set a default stance (from among those I have unlocked) for a unit in their loadout screen. The benefit would be that if I'm using a specific model of a unit for a specific purpose, but I end up having to replace that unit (due to death or whatever) I can re-purpose that unit more quickly, with less chance of an oversight mishap.

Edit to add: This should only set the default, so, should only affect which stance a *fresh* unit is in, basically "how they come off the press." Switching a unit to another stance once you have control over them should not affect this default, and changing the default should not affect any bots that are physically already under your control. /e

Example: I have a bot in street-sense looking for side jobs or wires to tap. I pull that unit off to help with an emergent issue (like an attack on HQ, or something) and then need to replace that unit. New unit is produced/recruited and I want them to fill the same role as previous unit of its type, however, when I'm tapping Space to cycle my units, I'm confused why none of those objective markers are appearing above buildings. (I didn't set the stance for the new unit.)

I don't think this should be part of the tutorial, as players need to get the lesson on how important it is to manipulate their units' stances. I think it could pop up around the time you get Red, which should allow ample time for players to learn about stances before considering "setting" one. I'm thinking this kind of feature may be more important as 'droid roles and the player's capacity to oversee them continues to expand.
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