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0024374AI War 2Gameplay IdeaJan 29, 2021 1:24 pm
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Summary0024374: Addition: System Build Templates
DescriptionAlthough there is great variance in wormhole placement, there are still consistent trends among building placement - for instance, tractor beams and paralysis mines placed a certain range away from a turret cluster, or a layered turret cluster (again, with tractors) being placed between two wormholes.

"Build templates," or the ability to save a specific building configuration for repeated reuse, would significantly reduce the amount of time spent on system construction. Two significant potential implementations exist for this suggestion:

1: Remaking each build template while in-game and based on available turrets.

2: Having build templates be kept across games, and to simply fill out any attempted use of a build template based on what turrets are actually available.

Either option would significantly reduce the amount of time needed for base construction, especially in larger and longer games.

This suggestion is based on the vast quality-of-life boost seen in Supreme Commander; the most common build template was "1 Mass Extractor + 4 adjacent Mass Storage," which reduced the number of clicks needed from 7 to 2 after the template was set up. Build templates would not need to be huge or complex to be effective; "auto-build factories and engineers" is a similar feature that already exists in the game. Given wormhole variance, it would actually be more effective in many cases to have several smaller templates instead of trying to shoehorn a single larger one to work (which is probably what people think of when they hear this suggestion).
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Jan 29, 2021 1:24 pm

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SirLimbo notes:

The code for it is in AMU, and the codebase is already uploaded. Look into DataStructures.cs and just CTRL+F for "PlacementCondition"

They retry multiple times and loosen conditions that aren't rigid if they go out of bounds of one.



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