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0027717AI War 2Bug - OtherMar 23, 2023 6:13 pm
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Product Version5.541 Fully Armed And Operational Dyson Sphere 
Summary0027717: Ctrl-clicking a planet on the galaxy map sometimes deselects units (maybe only if ctrl is released before click?)
DescriptionI can't reproduce this 100%, but it happens to me pretty often. I would say 1 in 4 times I'm ctrl-clicking into a planet with units selected, they get deselected. This is really frustrating because then I have to go and re-select all the stuff that I had selected before, and it happens so often, and clicking into a planet from the galaxy map is a core part of the gameplay.

If I remember to consciously hold down the ctrl key until I'm done clicking, it seems to make this problem not happen. But I'm not 100% sure that "releasing ctrl before releasing click" is a necessary condition for the deselection to occur, because I don't often remember to consciously not release the control key.

I am on the default control setup on Windows.

I *don't* think this is due to an issue with my mouse. If my mouse had a hardware issue causing it to occasionally register double left clicks, this *would* be an observed symptom. But this happens so often to me in this game, only when doing this particular action, and I haven't noticed any symptoms of it any other time that I'm using my computer. Also, I found a click counter online and clicked it a bunch, and it registered exactly one click per physical click, every time. So I think this is an issue with the game somehow.
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Mar 22, 2023 7:58 pm

developer   ~0067521

This is a longstanding annoyance of mine too.


Mar 23, 2023 6:13 pm

reporter   ~0067522

I was playing again today and I have a suspicion of what's causing this. I noticed this *seems* to happen more often when the game is stuttering. And I've also noticed that during these graphical stutters, it seems like sometimes, my keyboard or mouse inputs during those stutters are repeated multiple times. (For example, scrolling my mouse wheel to zoom in or out, and it suddenly scrolls me all the way in or out, which would happen if my scrollwheel input was repeated multiple times during the stuttering). So maybe there's some race condition that causes the game to sometimes repeat user inputs, which is made more likely when the game is under heavy load.

This might just be a red herring though, idk.

Depending on how your user input code is structured, maybe it wouldn't be too difficult to test out this theory: if you add logging with a timestamp for every user input, and then play the game some, and then if you notice this happening, go check the logs to see what inputs were registered after your most recent ctrl-click. (Although, if this is some kind of race condition, adding the logging may increase how long it takes to process a user input and so change the likelihood of the race condition occurring. Maybe log to memory only instead of disk, or write the logs to disk asynchronously in a background thread)

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