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0020763Starward RogueGameplay IssueNov 17, 2018 4:54 pm
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Product Version2.501 (Unity version Rollback) 
Summary0020763: Shrapnel Rose Death Blossom gun causes excessive graphical clutter
DescriptionDon't get me wrong, I quite like the silly boss weapons, but the SRDB is too silly to use. The shots are multicoloured and so prolific that they pretty much make it impossible to see and avoid enemy shots. Unlike the Warden tendril cannon which causes a comparable amount of graphical clutter, the SRDB can't be directed at all.

Can the SRDB be toned down a bit? Or a lot? I have a couple of suggestions:

1) Rather than having it fire a multi-directional spread of shrapnel-projectors, have it fire just one in the aimed direction. Increase the damage per hit and decrease the energy cost to keep it balanced.
2) Instead of exploding around the player mech, fire a straight-line parent projectile that explodes into a death blossom on hit. Change the submunitions to not pierce walls or enemies, so you can fire the parent projectile into a confined space and cause havoc without filling the entire screen with glow.

The Aggressor Proliferator would still exist as the "fill the screen with crap" weapon - we don't really need a second one.
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Nov 16, 2018 9:16 am

developer   ~0050489

I'm not sure on this one. I kind of like the SRDB as it is for the moment, although I'll think on it. I like having the behaviour of the boss weapons as close to the original boss shots as possible. Changing it to be more like option 2 might be a possibility, though.


Nov 17, 2018 4:54 pm

reporter   ~0050495

I was thinking of it like the Aberration wave gun, which fires only a single spark wave rather than a full circle of them.

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