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0023511AI War 2Gameplay IssueAug 7, 2020 12:07 pm
ReporterSetsuna Assigned Tox4000Bughunter  
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Summary0023511: A large number of shield bubbles and their strange interaction
DescriptionThe bugs in question revolve around a large number of shield bubbles and
their strange interaction - If a significant number of shield bubble
generating units are in play (stacks of 50+), when a shield bubble unit
is zombified, a unit (Either the zombified unit, or the enemy units) can
be catapulted to the opposite side of the combat area, as if momentum is
calculated and it hard slams the unit to the opposite side of the combat

A secondary bug (which can have some exploits) is that from time to
time, if timed right, shield bubble units (and any other stacks right on
top of the shield bubble units) can be stunlocked via this catapult
interaction (and be unable to move and fire as I assume their AI is
unable to determine what to do) as the shield bubbled units eternally
eject each other, but both are stuck at the opposite side of the combat
area until all bubble shields are dropped.

In theory, with the right positioning, you can stunlock all units
against the combat area and have them left there, neutering part of a
massive attack, since you need a huge number of units in play for this
interaction to occur.

Part of it is covered in this video, and a save file can be provided on
request. The stunlocking isn't covered in the video though although the
save file which generated the video can be manipulated to generate the
secondary bug.
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Aug 7, 2020 12:07 pm

reporter   ~0057984

Also to note - I realised after a bit more review that part of this may be influenced by the 'AI reserves turn into Anti-Everyone Zombies report' as the ones being used for the stunlock are of the anti everyone (instead of a particular faction) variety.

It may be why other units can be stuck under it (The mini exploit related to the bug), since they're a different faction to the AI and the allied player factions.

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