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0023528AI War 2Bug - GameplayAug 9, 2020 2:33 pm
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Product Version2.116 GOG Networking Done 
Summary0023528: AI indecisive on taking wormhole
DescriptionIn the attached save, I have three transport ships heading to Seruta. The few forces at that planet react to the new presence.

Steps to reproduce:
* Load save. The save is currently setup to reproduce the bug.

Expected result:
* From the AI's intended reaction, the V-Wins (and possibly other cloaked ships) depart to Nagao.

Actual result:
* Some ships head to Nagao, but others move back and forth despite having orders to take the wormhole.

This bug greatly reduces the effectiveness of the AI's ability to do a controlled retreat and to build up threat elsewhere.
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Aug 9, 2020 2:33 pm


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