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0027342AI War 2Bug - GameplayMay 22, 2022 8:21 am
ReporterCaseycc_1 Assigned ToChris_McElligottPark  
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Product Version5.009 Zeusathon II And DZ Sidekicks 
Summary0027342: Multiplayer Sync issues and blocks that require the client to reload,
Deleted log files, verified cache,

Direct IP: Litenet
US Host, Finnish Client
Host - Caseycc - Human Spire
Client - Karma - Necro Sidekick

Host does not seem to have any sync issues, and sync issues seem to never fix without the client leaving and rejoining.

Notes from the client:
Potential causes of errors / how I play Necromancer sidekick when joining multiplayer game hosted by someone else

* Sometimes moving flagships causes an error: Select group of 6 flagships and their fleets of 0000001:0000001.8k total. They are in "pursuit" mode, move between planets, zoom in and select the ships on another planet via hotkey --> move into combat in "pursuit" mode
* When building a necropolises it doesn't appear client side until after reload. Same thing often happens with the sub-buildings of necropolis. This seems to happen more often when building under shields and one workaround was to stop building under shields to reduce errors: Build necropolises on human spire planets outside forcefields, but buildings (fleet spawn buildings) inside human forcefields. build 1 of each totem available, overlapping the necro & human buildings as much as possible
* Unloading ships in flagships when the planet is not in focus causes a desync on client side and ships never appear unloaded. Loading with planet in focus usually works.
* Sometimes ships refuse to take orders, sometimes it's half the fleet other times all of them unless the move order is spammed a lot. We have tried this at reduced speed in case it was a lag issue.
* Sometimes in combat, a major desync seems to happen where a large error cascade happens and all/allied/enemy ships stop firing and stop taking orders.

Additional bugging out things BUT not included in this error log:
* Hacking templar rifts seem to break something, the result never appears/populates
* Hacking elderlings seems to break stuff (I don't see the results)
* Transforming flagships makes ship disappear
* Deep strikes and instigator bases spawning do not appear to me (the client) in notifications without a reload.
* Occasionally hacking response fleets are not visible to me (the client) while they are visible to the host
Hacking templar rifts seem to break something (I don't see the building I gained from the hack until after rejoining the game)
* ALL of these errors are fixed when I rejoin the multiplayer game, but can/do appear/break again
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May 13, 2022 3:44 pm



May 13, 2022 3:46 pm

reporter   ~0066760

If I forget to check back here and you need more info you can contact me directly on discord/Arcen Games: Caseycc#3165


May 14, 2022 8:03 am

reporter   ~0066772

Side question, Playing Human Spire it seems like I'm falling further and further behind on cities per land I take. As in I'm not granted enough cities to place one every 2 spaces so I'm gradually having more and more planets where I could place one but the cap won't let me. Is that perhaps because there are technically 2 players so it's allocating space for both, but since the client is a sidekick they can't actually build them and it's an oversight/bug?


May 21, 2022 10:39 pm

reporter   ~0066843

Doesn't it give you relics as fast as you collect them and the debris? I usually have more relics than i can handle and need to leave the Relic unclaimed for a while. I can see how two players would lead to faster expansion but afaik spire picks spawn locations avoiding a distance from planets you OWN. Since the sidekick doesn't own anything, even if its built on, a relic should be able to spawn there...have you seen this?


May 22, 2022 8:21 am

reporter   ~0066847

I am talking about playing the Human Spire empire type, not the spire quest line mode. In Human Spire empire you start being able to build the cities, they cost ~8m. There's no hunting of the relic pieces etc.

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